Statistics for experimenters: design, innovation, and discovery

Statistics for Experimenters Design, Innovation, and Discovery 2nd Edition
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Statistics for experimenters design innovation and discovery 2nd edition

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Contributor s : Hunter, J. Stuart , William Gordon , Material type: Text Series: Wiley series in probability and statistics. Relevant Reference Sets and Distributions. Blocking and Randomization.

Statistics for Experimenters Design, Innovation, and Discovery, 2nd Edition

More on Significance Tests. Contingency Tables and Tests of Association. Appendix 3A. Appendix 3B. Calculation of reference distribution from past data. Chapter 4. Comparing k Treatments in a Fully Randomized Design.

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Box, J. Stuart Hunter, William G. Hunter. Rewritten and updated, this new edition of Statistics for Experimenters adopts the same approaches as the landmark First Edition by teaching with examples, readily understood graphics, and the appropriate use of computers. Statistics for Experimenters. Design, Innovation, and Discovery. Second Edition. GEORGE E. P. BOX. J. STUART HUNTER. WILLIAM G. HUNTER. ffiWILEY-.

Randomized Block Designs. More than one blocking component: Latin Squares. Balanced Incomplete Block Designs. Appendix 4A. Chapter 5. Calculation of Main Effects.


Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics, Rental 60 Days. Complete with applications covering the physical, engineering, biological, and social sciences, Statistics for Experimenters is designed for individuals who must use statistical approaches to conduct an experiment, but do not necessarily have formal training in statistics. Customers who bought this item also bought. Merchant Details: BooksRun now sells and rents books in addition to buying them. Export Cancel. View all copies of this ISBN edition:.

Interaction Effects. Genuine Replicate Runs. Interpretation of Results. The Table of Contrasts. Eyeing the Data. Analysis Using Normal and Lenth Plots. Other Models for Factorial Data. Blocking the 2 k Factorial Designs. Learning by Doing. Appendix 5A. Blocking Larger Factorial Designs. Appendix 5B. Partial Confounding. Chapter 6. Fraction Factorial Designs: Economy in Experimentation.

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The Anatomy of the Half Fraction. Eight-Run Designs. Using Table 6. Sign Switching, Foldover, and Sequential Assembly. Sixteen-Run Designs. Constructing Other Two-Level Fractions. Elimination of Block Effects. Chapter 7. Plackett and Burman Designs. Choosing Follow-Up Runs. Justifications for the Use of Fractionals. Appendix 7A. Technical Details. Appendix 7B. Appendix 7C.

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Chapter 8. Factorial Designs and Data Transformation. A Two-Way Factorial Design. Simplification and Increased Sensitivity from Transformation. Appendix 8A.

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Rationale for Data Transformation. Split-Plot Designs. Estimating Variance Components. Transmission of Error. Estimation With Least Squares.

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The Versatility of Least Squares. The Origins of Experimental Design. Nonlinear Models. Appendix 10A. Vector Representation of Statistical Concepts. Appendix 10B.

Matrix Version of Least Squares. Appendix 10C. Analysis of Factorials, Botched and Otherwise. Appendix 10D. Unweighted and Weighted Least Squares. Some Empirical Models. Is the Surface Sufficiently Well Estimated? Sequential Design Strategy. Canonical Analysis. Box—Behnken Designs. Some Applications of Response Surface Methods.

Simplification of a Response Function by Data Transformation. Exploring Canonical Factor Spaces. From Empiricism to Mechanism. Uses of RSM. Appendix 12A. Appendix 12B. Designing Robust Products: An Introduction. Environmental Robustness. Robustness To Component Variation.