Korana of Mother Goddess

The Korana of Mother Goddess
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Make the edge Trim 3. This is an entirely new interpretation of the Koran, and it has been written in entirely by and for women. Cover art by Wendy McElfish. Important Changes: 1 Female, kind, caring and loving deity.

The Korana of Mother Goddess

JoAnne Marie, Stow, a geologist by profession and an historian by inclination, spent many years with the Korana in the late nineteenth century. His Korana ethnography is exceptionally idiographic and tucked into a long volume on the history of South Africa Alan Barnard, Library of Congress.

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Why is it important to have gods and goddesses in our lives? I hope that your blog will help others accept their connections with the Oneness, in however that manifests for them. His autobiographical compendium, 11 books altogether, is known collectively by the series title Continents of Exile. With the gifts we all receive there also comes a responsibility; to use them wisely and for the highest good. Her beauty was clouds, fog. Personal Information First Name. I liked the story of the children and the aggressive mean spirit.

This is the simplest and most minimal statement of the Deanist creed and the simplest form of Deanism teaches that the love of the Great Mother is the only thing necessary. Besides the major religions with millions of people no other religion is organized or has a definite book of worship. Make your own religion.

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Be creative. Well, if you would like to think of the monotheist God who appears in many religions as a Goddess, go ahead. God is gender-neutral, so there shouldn't be only male preference despite many saying "he" to avoid "it".

The Korana of Mother Goddess

The Korana of Mother Goddess [JoAnne Marie] on owimejokev.ga *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. owimejokev.ga: Korana of Mother Goddess eBook: Denison Joanne Marie Sharp, Wendy McElfish: Kindle Store.

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