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Projects for extending MINDSTORMS NXT with open-source electronics

If you follow the steps carefully, you'll end up with a device that has a mix of Lego pieces and non-Lego pieces. The Lego stepper motor block! Questions about this project? The possibilities are nearly endless. For delivery the shipment we trust and rely again on Amazon — as our professional fulfillment provider to guarantee a smooth and frictionless delivery straight to your door.

Together with the already existing Lego IDE, this platform would benefit from several implementations provided by the open source community. The user base would benefit from inexpensive, easy to use and high quality Lego parts.

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On the other hand, Lego would benefit from having a platform that can be leveraged by an unlimited number of people. The parts itself could be build with focus on extensibility.

Amazing LEGO with ARDUINO Projects

For example, rather than a Lego Servo, Lego could provide a Lego Servo Enclosing, that would fit servos with well specified dimensions. The same applies to other electric components.

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The switch needs to be able to move freely back and forth to turn it off and on. The activated Ultimate Machine Figure The completed box, ready to turn itself off and on www.

Make: Lego and Arduino Projects

By flipping the switch towards the lid, the machine will be activated and the motor arm will come to life, only to push the switch away from itself and return to its dormant state until it is activated again. You learned the basic techniques for using an Arduino, starting from the most basic of programs, making an LED blink, to a more complex one using Arduino shields.

You also learned the most basic LEGO building principle of build strong by using a strong base and alternating the bricks to create walls that can support your building. Combining the two gives you the ability to make more interesting projects and give them different levels of activity and interactivity, as you will explore in the following chapters.

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A simple response to flipping a switch to turn itself off is a good start, but for more interactive projects, you need to start working with analog sensors that do more than just turn on and off. Sensors allow a machine to monitor the world around it and react accordingly. In this chapter, you will create a project that will be able to react to its surroundings.

When Google introduced their mobile operating system known as Android, they created a mascot to represent it.

The little green robot became synonymous with the cell phones and tablets on which the operating system was installed. You are going to create this Android mascot and make him react to his environment. A list of the parts in this chapter can be found in the appendix.

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The Ultrasound Sensor There are many different sensors that can be used to send data from the outside world to the Arduino; one such sensor is the ultrasound sensor. An ultrasound sensor sends out a high frequency sound that will bounce off objects and return to the sensor. The time it takes for the sound to go out and bounce back is then calculated to tell the distance of the object.

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